Semana cargada de talleres y charlas – Actiontech Skillshare 2018 – Del 24 al 28 de Septiembre

Actiontech Skillshare 2018 tendrá lugar en el centro de comunes urbanos “La Ingobernable”.

Las charlas/talleres serán en Inglés. Viene gente de un montón de sitios.

Un encuentro internacional propuesto por Greenpeace para investigar y desarrollar herramientas tecnológicas que permitan posibilidades de activismo e investigación.

De Lunes a viernes desde el 24 al 28 (5 días).

Tardes con un montón de workshops/talleres .

– Lunes 19:15 – Leonidas Martin (Enmedio – ) Art and activism

– Martes 10:15-11:30 – Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas – ) – Creativity and action

– Martes: 18:30-20:30 y más: **TALLERES**

— Balloon and kite mapping: IMVEC
Use of ballons and kites to get aerial photography including camera stands construction (3 hours)
If wind is more than 15 km/h hour we’ll use a kite. If less than 10km/h a balloon.
Camera stand construction is the same for both.

— Projection: Laser, guerrilla, videowall hijacking

– Miércoles:

— Public Lab/IMVEC 10:15-11:30

Citizen science: open source technology for actions and investigations
Discussion: Open sourcing Greenpeace technology

— Wildlight – colectivo de investigaciones 11:45-13:00
Introduction to Wildlight, structure and why we set it up, the usual way in which we approach investigations, challenges faced by women in this sector and how to mitigate these.

– Miércoles: 18:30 – Mesa redonda: software libre y soberanía tecnológica

– Miércoles: 18:30-20:30 y más: **TALLERES**

— Tracking different systems, how to configure, what are the problems, using the self-hosted portal Traccar with a simple smartphone. Setup of Traccar etc… (2 hours)

–Web maps
Creating web maps (live ones as well) in a connection with online spreadsheet. Depending on participants skills it could be full (with coding component) or short and easy (for front-end users, like campaigners).
1.5-2 hours

— Big data: herramientas de Google y Pangiva
Practical use of big data in GP investigations based in data journalism methodology. How to deal with big data in the international trade environment. TARIC codes are a naming convention for trade, particularily containers. Theory on using Google Refine, which is very practical for cleaning up heterogenous databases and a practical part on applications. We also have Pangiva, which we have purchased and we will show to participants.

– Jueves: Big data – 10:15-18:00

– Jueves: 18:30-20:30 y más: **TALLERES**

— Long range motion detection camera: IMVEC
Ichocam: Long range motion detection trail camera built with raspberry pi (4 hours)

— GIS/mapping crash course
Basic GIS use (with free software), finding free data and satellite pics, remote sensing… 2-3 hours

— R and Python for big data applications
Introduction to R, a statistics programming language and using R for air pollution data explore and map plotting
Showcasing simple visualization, web scraping, image analysis and some basic text mining using Python. Introduce useful packages like facial recognition and fuzzy search.
1.5 hours

– Otros talleres se irán anunciando estos días. Por ejemplo:

— Basic SoC and µControllers
— Drones – the latest on UAVs
— Lock picking basics
— Remote triggering
— Projections: Videomapping
— Various big data workshops

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